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Pitfalls of Poor Tenant Screening Part 2

Most seasoned Landlords have been subjected to a similar scenario: a prospect shows up to view a prope1rty and says they have first months rent, full deposit and need to move in right away due to some semi-believable story. It’s tough to pass up the money in hand when the market reflects a surplus of inventory. They seem like a nice couple, are not trying to negotiate, and you are tired of showing the unit, so you take the money straight to the bank and turn over keys. This is usually where the dream ends and the nightmare begins.

This used to happen more often years ago, when we didn’t have the power to search courthouse records 24/7 from our phones. However, you may be surprised to hear that it still happens a lot. People who “work the system”, grifters, scammers, con artists, deadbeats, shysters, whatever you call them, know how to play it to their benefit. They show up in nice clothes, speak kindly and with respect, praise the property, and can tell their story with so much drama it will leave you teary eyed.

Here’s a video of one example showing the condition of a property where the owner did very little to screen the prospect:

Please, please, please resist the urge. If they have to stay in a hotel for a day or two, you would be better served in the long run. Before you even start marketing your property for rent you should have Charlotte property management companies set up so you don’t lose time setting them up once a tenant is ready to move. I am not here to sell you on one company over another. There are plenty of very good screening companies out there. I would suggest you find one that offers as many of the following services as possible:

Nationwide criminal search
Nationwide eviction search
Credit report
Social Security Number validation
Lien/Judgment search
Sex offender registry search (Nationwide, in case they did not register at previous address)
Employment verification
Landlord (more importantly previous Landlord) verification
Global Homeland security search

I will dig in deeper on the next installment.

Tips to Find an Apartment in Edmonton

Edmonton is a productive and wealthy city from the past. Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, the city was first established as a center of gold and oil trading, until now the city is booming and experiencing rapid business development. Edmonton is the goal of everyone to seek success and residence; therefore, there is a high level of interest in renting property especially downtown Edmonton apartments.

It is indeed worthy of Edmonton to be a destination city for all generations in various interests. This rich city has a lot to offer everyone, such as job opportunities, beautiful gardens, fabulous restaurants, night clubs, bars, art galleries, museums, aquariums and aviaries, a variety of recreational areas. Edmonton has something to offer everyone, including you. If you visit Canada it will be less if you do not witness the beauty of Edmonton.

Along with economic growth, Edmonton population is also increasing. Apartments in Edmonton continue to be built to accommodate population growth, not just for locals, tourists and investors can own or rent an apartment here. There are many excellent apartment options to rent in downtown Edmonton. The apartments in downtown Edmonton are perfect for people who enjoy a fast lifestyle with high mobility. With so many good choices, you may need help in choosing the best apartment.

When you are looking for an apartment in downtown Edmonton, consider the following tips:

Rental costs are always important, considering the cost of renting means you have measured your purchasing power. This consideration can be used to rent apartments in downtown or in the countryside. If you are looking for apartments in the city center, then logically you have to prepare more costs than renting in the countryside. Understand the limits of your budget and then choose an apartment you can afford.

Study the rental fees offered, Keep in mind that the cost of rent is always directly proportional to all available facilities. Make sure the facilities you will get are included in the rental fee offered. This needs to be done to avoid additional costs that you do not know about the facilities provided, including facilities such as swimming pools, cleaning fees, tennis courts, fitness facilities, laundry room, and so on. The most important step is to study the brochure or website of the apartment tenant company.

Information is very important before making a decision to spend a lot of money, ask for opinions or suggestions from family or friends who have rented downtown Edmonton Apartments. The trick is very easy to find out if the apartment in Edmonton is the right choice for them, if people you know look happy, then you should be able to enjoy that happiness as well.

Testimonials, visit some websites that specifically rent downtown Edmonton apartments. Take a look at the feedback of consumers who have rented an apartment, if the testimony given is very positive then you should contact the property agent immediately.

If you are interested in hiring downtown Edmonton apartments, you can go online. There are several online directories, which display lists of apartments that are ready to be rented and even purchased. Through the rented apartment list you can have a chance to get a good deal on an apartment in Edmonton. The list also gives you a wealth of information about rental facilities and costs that can be adjusted to your budget.


Eco Friendly Home in Bangalore

As a member of the world community we have to maintain the environment in many ways one of them is by choosing an environmentally friendly home. Follow the trend of green homes by turning conventional homes into eco-friendly homes. If we analyze further then the concept of environmentally friendly house are simple, easy and requires less cost because they need easy treatment. So, what should you do first to get eco friendly homes? The most appropriate first step is looking for them on the internet, such as visiting eco friendly homes in bangalore website.

In addition to finding information about eco friendly home on the internet you can also start from a private home. There are many of pollution we meet out there, So many people say that where there are people there must be pollution because people who are not responsible for the environment often abuse the them. It is time to start taking responsibility for the environment. You can start from private home, find the right way to solve the problem of pollution in our homes. Support the construction of homes with the concept of eco friendly homes.

Many property companies around the World are developing homes with the concept of eco friendly homes. They do research to find the concept of environmentally friendly house that is adapted to the applicable environmental and legal conditions. The property area must be planted with many trees, have technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, natural magnetic energy, natural water purification process, Sewage treatment plant, Rain water harvesting, Overhead tank, Independent water supply to each plot and security guarded 24 hours a week. The concept of a house like this can be obtained easily at eco friendly homes in north Bangalore. Change your thinking to have green home because unconsciously your thoughts will heal the environment and improve our health.

If you can not create the philosophy of eco friendly homes then the best way is buying a house with an environmental concept. In Bangalore there are many properties that develop with concept of eco friendly homes. Many homes are developed with the concept of environmentally friendly in depth. The natural structure in Bangalore is responsive to climate so as to help reduce energy consumption. Annual maintenance costs are low because most building materials come from recycled materials so the building costs are lower than conventional buildings. Electric bills are also low due to the use of solar panels.